The most powerful resistance bands

Easily build muscle with these 350lbs bands

The bands should be so powerful that you won't be able to finish your workout with all bands combined. On the other hand, it should also be easy for beginners to work out with. Torroband offer large variety of bands, and that's the reason why people claim TORROBAND is the ultimate on-the-go gym.


The Most Powerful Resistance Bands

Not only it creates a more powerful handle, but it also helps you work out with heavy resistance without slipping, regardless of the amount of sweat on your palm.



350 LBS

Up to 350 LBS - the strongest bands in the world

Only 99$

You basically get the whole gym for just a 99$

10 Items in the package

You get a lot of attachments, bands, handles and even a bag


Torroband ships worldwide

Resistance Bands by Torroband in Action!

More Information About The Resistance Bands by Torroband


Sometimes you don't feel like going to the gym, sometimes you just want to enjoy the fresh air in the park or on the beach while working out. And sometimes, you simply have no choice but to make your workout in your living room or at the garage. Personally, my biggest issue is when I travel and I need to look for a local gym. For all those people out there, we've built the Torroband. It's a complete gym in your back.

 You can definitely make a full-body workout with your Torroband. Unlike other bands, not only it can help you stay in shape, the Torroband can actually help you make progress with your workouts. After all, what you need in order to gain more muscle is to increase the resistance. With your Torroband you can load it up to 350 lbs, so you have plenty of room for improvement. Also, in spite of the fact that the resistance can go up to 350 lbs, the weight is less than 3 pounds.


Your TORROBAND is like nothing the world has ever seen before. Ok, maybe less dramatic, but it's true in the resistance bands niche. Our combination of triple-layer cloth with patent-pending handles and the carabiner hook creates the perfect handles that can sustain heavy resistance (up to 350 LBS). It can work with an even higher resistance than that, however, it might not offer the same range of movement. Your basic package comes with 40 lbs, 60 lbs, 70 lbs. 

If you place your order through this page, you'll also get our new 3XBAND 80 lbs band. You can later buy separate bands as well and create hundreds of different combinations. We constantly launch new accessories and bands for your TORROBAND and we'll always make sure to update our customers first about any new band or accessory we launch. If you're looking for a real resistance and not those 50 lbs Amazon $50 bands, get yourself a TORROBAND today.

What's included in the bag?

3x Resistance bands +  80 LBS Band (For Free) 

2x Ankle Straps and 1x Door Hook

2x Handles

1x Carrying Bag




Great product, totally worth the price! Thanks a lot, I have a already build some nice muscles.

Gustav Tkr.

IT specialist

That's such a practical product, I take this with me to the beach and workout like a boss there.

Jame G.

Sports Enthusiast

Such an awesome product! We have used them on every door of the house. Still haven’t gotten into the 80 lbs but they look great. The quality feels good. Hope they last me a while. Won’t have to worry about visiting a gym for at least year with these things 👌

Armen V.

Father of 3 kids

I usually don't write reviews. This product is a high-quality product. At first, I thought I'll use it on my days at the beach, but now I'm taking it with me to the gym, so many options and exercises are now available. Great work.

Lina Linch

Makeup artist

I really hate gym, so this is a much better way to workout and surprise my friends!

Alisa Portman


Love these bands as well as my fans!

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